Palo Santo Packs
Palo Santo Packs

Palo Santo Packs

Altar Apothecary
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Palo Santo clears negative and stagnant energy from your space. Then welcomes positive energy in return. 

Perfect for meditation support, to use while working (it's said to bring creative energy) or as part of your nightly wind-down routine at the end of the day. 

5 packs of ethically harvested Palo Santo.  No tree is ever cut down. Only the trees that are naturally fallen are harvested.

How to use: Use as often as you'd like. Light the Palo Santo and let it burn for 30 seconds. Blow it out and waft the smoke around your space as needed.

** It’s always recommend to use a heat proof dish. But the Palo Santo goes out almost right away. It is not like a candle that keeps burning until it’s extinguished, so there is little risk of fire.