Clarity Ritual Candle - Crowfoot Collective

Clarity Ritual Candle - Crowfoot Collective

Crowfoot Collective
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Our Freshest, most lively scent yet! You asked for a Citrus Scent, so we
created one with an incredible and unique twist. A beautiful blend of juicy citrus notes with touches of nectarine, peach, and frangipani for an
irresistible burst of brightness.

Water Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils add a delightful, fresh green, herbaceous accord. Wild vanilla and a bright, honeyed pineapple
notes finish this divine scent.

Frangipani - a beautifully fragrant oil from Plumeria flowers, steals the show with its soft, creamy, peachy and fruity notes. Wildly unique, it gives the essences of coconut, gardenias, pineapple, and bananas.

Frangipani offers us a taste of Spring - the Promise of renewal,
bringing blessings of Light and Sunshine, of Clarity, into our lives.

This Candle contains powerful plant Botanicals and Gemstones to help you listen to your Intuition, to honour your inner compass. We created this
Candle to help
 you be patient, confident, and have faith in your own self.

Too many of us question our reality, we don’t have enough faith in our own truth to trust ourselves fully. Each one of us deserves to feel safe within
ourselves to listen to our Intuition and trust in our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If you need guidance with a big decision, help with focus, making plans, or help making good choices to stay the course, these Botanicals and
Gemstones will help you.

Light this candle, pause, and ask for Divine Guidance - you will receive the answers that you need.

Beautiful while meditating, doing yoga, and to brighten and refresh any room. Brazilian Fluorite - the Gemstone of the mind. Brings mental clarity and focus

Citrine - the Gemstone of NATOSI (the Sun) brings abundance, clarity, and success.

Calcite - the stone of amplification, it's nurturing and calming, helping you move through change with ease.