Kitchen Witch Simmer Pot
Kitchen Witch Simmer Pot

Kitchen Witch Simmer Pot

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A blend to cleanse the energy in your home while manifesting your desires.

There are so many uses for this magical blend.
Use it as a smoke free way to cleanse the energy in your home, use it during a moon ritual, or at the beginning of each month.
You can use it during and/or after sickness to purify the air, and of course simply to just make your house smell divine.

Each of the ingredients have their own properties and the exact amounts of each ingredient has been intuitively chosen.

Some of the benefits of each ingredient include:

Cinnamon- prosperity, healing, love and success
Bay- manifesting, healing, releasing and protection
Chamomile- calming and abundance
Sage- protection, banishing, wisdom and healing
Lavender- peace and happiness
Rosemary- protection and purification
Lemon slices- cleansing
Orange slices- abundance and luck
Palo Santo- purification and healing
Star Anise- protection
Clove- purification and love

To use;
Take out the Bay leaf and write your intention word on it.
Pour the contents of the bag and your Bay leaf into your simmering pot of water.
Stir clockwise while visualizing your intention to manifest your desires.

Let the water simmer for as long as you are called to.
Keep ad eye on water levels and top up as needed.

Each pouch is 55g weight

*Floral and Stone Palo Santo Bundles will be made with intuitively chosen florals with your choice of Crystal.