Mellifera Bees Honey - Lemon Infused

Mellifera Bees Honey - Lemon Infused

Mellifera Bees Honey
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Bathed in sunshine, effervescent with good health, the blond perfume of nature’s cheeriest fruit imparts vim, vigour and zing to the wisdom and sophistication of our naturally fresh honey.

More than a tonic for whatever ails you – be it a sore throat or a soggy disposition – Mellifera Lemon Infused Honey is bright and balanced, offering a panacea appropriate to every meal.


Through the alchemy of sweet and sour, Mellifera has produced the perfect remedy to grilled chicken or salmon, fruit salad, or a simple cup of hot water. Try it also with Rooibos tea for sunny addendum to a cloudy afternoon.

This is liquid love.

4oz jar