A Simpler Life - The School Of Life
A Simpler Life - The School Of Life
A Simpler Life - The School Of Life

A Simpler Life - The School Of Life

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This book explores ideas around minimalism, simplicity and how to live comfortably with less.

We live in a complicated, frenzied, and noisy world, filled with too much information, too many products, ideas, and opinions. As a result, many of us long for simplicity: a pared down, more peaceful, and less cluttered life.

This book is a guide to the simpler lives we crave and deserve. In it, we learn about Zen Buddhism, modernist architecture, monasteries, psychoanalysis, and why three good friends and a few treasured belongings are enough.

Taking a psychological approach, the book also guides us toward inner simplicity. For too long we've been drowning in excess, clutter, and confusion. A Simpler Life helps us tune out the static and focus on what really matters.

DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE practical ways to get rid of physical and psychological clutter.
HOW TO BE DIRECT advice on adopting a simpler, more straight-forward mindset.
THE APPEAL OF MINIMALISM looks at why more of us are drawn to a pared down existence.
HOW TO SIMPLIFY everything from relationships, social life, lifestyle, and work.