Chakra Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love
Chakra Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love
Chakra Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love

Chakra Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love

Eleven Love
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  • What is your 11:11 Make a Wish Ritual all about?

    Each bracelet has a special affirmation and meaning connected to it. This affirmation is printed on the back of the card. Tell a loved one to tie the bracelet comfortably on your left wrist with a double or triple knot. At 11:11, make your wish, read the affirmation, or have a loved one read it to you. Once it is worn, the bracelet acts as a reminder of your wish.

    The bracelet is meant to be worn at all times, however, if the bracelet gets too stretched, worn out, or if you need to take off for any reason, you can do so. When it is removed or no longer worn, your wish is released into the magic of the universe. When the bracelet is no longer worn, please take a moment to acknowledge your wish being released and say thank you to the universe for the blessings.

    Background - The design of this bracelet was inspired by the red string bracelets that are worn by practitioners of different faiths, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Christianity. They would be worn for protection, friendship, or blessings. We wanted to design a modern version of this that anyone could wear with natural crystals infused with love, light and reiki energy and protection, reminding one of their affirmation and releasing into the magical power of the universe.

Beautiful, dainty and minimalistic string bracelet made from 100% silk string, made with 7 different chakra crystals and 14K gold filled beads.

CROWN - clear quartz

THIRD EYE - amethyst

THROAT - lapis lazuli

HEART - green aventurine

SOLAR PLEXUS - tigers eye

SACRAL - carnelian

ROOT - hematite

Special wish written on the back of the card. Recite it as you tie the bracelet on:

Affirmation: “I wish to be secure , safe and grounded. I wish for creativity and joy to flow through me. I wish to have confidence and strength to love myself and spread love to the world around me. I wish to speak my truth, trust my intuition and to always stay connected to the divine source”.

Let this bracelet remind you to keep all of your chakras open and to let the divine energy of the universe flow through you.

Created to uplift and inspire.

Included: bracelet, affirmation card, ritual card.

*Not meant for small children because of small parts.
*Please remove if any irritation occurs.