Forest Green Beeswax Hexagon Candle
Forest Green Beeswax Hexagon Candle

Forest Green Beeswax Hexagon Candle

Crowfoot Collective
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Ihtsipaitapiyopa - The Bee - The Essence of all life

Artisanal Candles, hand-crafted in our studio using only 100% pure, wild Vancouver Island beeswax. Solar filtered through clay and charcoal to ensure quality and purity.

A truly farm to candle experience, we visit our beekeepers and their bees in person to collect our wax. It is then filtered, poured and cured in our home studio. We use natural cotton wicks and no additives or scents. Simply pure, Island beeswax, sustainably and ethically collected.

Naturally perfumed with the essence of nectar and honey. Warm, resinous and softly sweet.

Beeswax is a gift from Creator. It’s our favourite substance on Earth, not just for its incredible beauty, but also for its healing properties. It has the amazing ability to cleanse the air as it burns, removing toxins and impurities, while ionising your space. Its flame burns with the same warm golden spectrum of light as the sun, bringing joy to your home.

It is said that beeswax increases serotonin levels, and can help promote feelings of happiness and contentment. We believe this to be true, as we notice the uplifting and soothing power of beeswax Candles when they are lit in our home.

Pure cotton wick, 100% pure Vancouver Island Beeswax

3 inches tall by 3 inches wide
50 + hour burn


The Hexagon shape of this candle is a revered shape in Sacred Geometry. We have been using Sacred Geometry in our Jewelry designs for a decade, and bring these Spiritual aspects into every facet of our work. The Hexagon shape is sacred to the Bee itself - just think of a Honeycomb! Hexagons are startlingly omnipresent in nature and their properties are very interesting. Because of its two interlocking triangles, the hexagon as a symbol often stands for harmony and balance and also male and female energy.