Seaweed Bath Tea - Sealuxe

Seaweed Bath Tea - Sealuxe

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Experience all the benefits the sea has to offer with this blend of sea flora.

Your skin is your largest organ -give it the respect it deserves. Soaking in seaweed allows you to absorb a concentrated amount of vital vitamins, nutrients and amino acids that gently feed your skin. The niacin improves blood circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen quickly to skin and muscle cells in need of repair. The amino acids aid in hydration, help with inflammation, redness and skin irritations. The iodine encourages detox of heavy metals and chemicals. The antioxidants help with skin condition, supports collagen and promotes healthy skin elasticity. Bathing in all of this goodness promotes healthy self-care rituals.

Our blend of seaweeds, sea clay and salt will nourish your skin while you soak. Sea plants have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals compared to other plants. In this bath tea these plants work together to support your skins health while the salts rejuvenate your muscles.

Bath teas come in two available sizes: jars and bags. Bags are good for 3 baths. Jars are good for 6 baths and come in a reusable glass jar. Bath teas include a reusable muselin bag to be filled with both the salt and botanicals.

Spirulina, Bladderwrack, Nori, Wakame, Kelp, Irish Moss, Sea Clay along with Sea Salt.


BAG - 200g