Virgo Zodiac Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love
Virgo Zodiac Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love

Virgo Zodiac Wish Bracelet - Eleven Love

Eleven Love
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Beautiful, dainty and minimalistic string bracelet made from 100% silk string, natural faceted amazonite quartz, and 14K gold-filled beads. 11 beads in total.

Special, endearing and positive affirmation for Virgos included on the card. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of your wish!

Affirmation: “I wish to follow my passions and to trust my inner voice for guidance. To believe I can do anything I put my mind to. To be resilient and strong. To pause and take time for myself when I need it. And to stay humble and peaceful. I am peace, I am love.“

Created to uplift and inspire.

Our 11:11 Make a Wish Ritual: Each bracelet has a special affirmation and meaning connected to it. This affirmation is printed on the card. Tell a loved one to tie the bracelet comfortably on your left wrist with a double knot. At 11:11, make your wish, read the affirmation, or have a loved one read it to you. Once it is worn, the bracelet acts as a reminder of your wish.

Made in Canada