Wood Burned Tree Earrings With BC Jade

Wood Burned Tree Earrings With BC Jade

Coastal Roots
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These earrings are 100% handmade with love, one-of-a-kind, nature inspired, and, comfortably light-weight.
Each earring is hand-cut, wood-burned and sealed with a glossy water-proof varnish to ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

These earrings are paired with BC Nephrite Jade and wooden beads. All of the known jade deposits in BC are of the nephrite variety. Nephrite jade is typically found in bedrock deposits, boulder fields or talus occurrences. Green jade is believed to bring good luck. Another meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured.

These earrings are hypo-allergenic, made using stamped 925 Sterling Silver earring hooks and fitted with a silicone backing. Assembled using quality materials. The wooden parts are sealed with a water-based but waterproof varnish that is non-toxic and ensures lasting continual wear. I source my materials locally whenever possible and ensure that I am supporting Canadian producers above others.